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Barcelona Video Seo Service

We understand what makes people passionate. If it’s engaging content, then our writers engage their creative energies. For user experience/site structure work, graphic design muscles take charge. It’s the same with Video SEO, for moving media formats naturally stimulate the senses. Basically, if a picture paints a thousand words, then a video clip paints millions of them.

Video Search Engine Optimization

Now, here’s an important point. Videos are typically larger than static images. It’s going to be harder to optimize a short piece of footage; Photographs can be edited and resized in a matter of seconds. Then there are the hosting issues to weigh up. Videos can be self-hosted, but by doing so, you’re asking for problems. What if your web domain server experiences an outage or slowdown? That means your video doesn’t play, you end up with an embarrassing blank section on your website, and your latest leads bounce away to find a more attractive website. Client lost. Alternatively, by leaving the SEO work to a professional, your videos are professionally stored on a reliable Vimeo or YouTube server, in full HD and in a format that won’t glitch every time the page loads.

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Our customers say:

F… amazing that you managed to set up my Wordpress Website so quickly. It´s up and running. I can´t believe it. My little baby has been born.

Oliver C. Brown

Rainer, thanks a million for helping me out. You are my hero. I couldn´t have asked for more. Thanks a million

George Davies

Oppsss…how was this possible. Before I was nowhere to be found online and now I am there!!! This is amazing!!!

Maria Andreu Bernat

SEO doesn´t need to be a mystery. Thanks to your guys at 88Clicks I am getting it. Thanks for all your patience!

Harry Fernandez

Embedded Videos

When our service checks out a video that’s going to be embedded on a client website, we watch the clip all the way through so that we can assign it the best keywords and meta tags. If the video describes a service or outlines the functions of a product, the information can then be used to further enhance the text on the site. For example, description text can be removed from a paragraph of written content if the video describes those functions in a better manner. Since videos use moving images, odds are, the video will be favored over the written text.


Staying on the topic of Video SEO, there are many features built into YouTube, as well as several offsite tools that can be used to optimize both your main keywords and any related keywords. We carry out the research so that there’s a greater chance of your videos ranking highly on a YouTube search. If those videos rank, there’s a better chance of the video embedded on your website then attracting more traffic. This knock-on effect is used by web developers and SEO gurus to boost targeted traffic. It is not a skill that can easily be mastered by an amateur.

Video keyword searches, clip transcripts, channel and subscription optimization services, competitor analysis metrics and far more besides, let us shoulder the hard work. As your video SEO agency, we’ll outsmart and outthink the smartest search engine bots on the largest video sharing platforms.

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