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Barcelona Google Ads Service

The elimination of squandered costs, that’s what you’re thinking about after carrying out a poorly implemented PPC (Pay Per Click) drive. But then hindsight is 50/50, as they say, so you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. This time it’ll be different, though, right? This time around, you’ll investigate a market-savvy agency, someone who knows all there is to know related to this internet marketing model.

Pay Per Click Service

In truth, everyone has a passing familiarity with Pay-Per-Click. After a Google search, you’ll see ads listed first and top, then the search results, page after page of them. At the bottom of those pages, yet again, the word “Ad” marks the beginning of several other PPC spawned links. These are Google Ads. Are they the only source of PPC income? No, there are Facebook ads and Twitter card ads. Social platforms and search engines compete with popular shopping site banners, like Amazon, then there are a multitude of marketing partnerships to fill the cracks. It’s an intimidating, sales-oriented landscape. No worries, you have a guide to navigate you through the marketing chaos.

To be brief, people click on Pay Per Click ads when they see an offer they like. After the click, they’re taken to a sales platform where they can purchase a product or service. If that’s a service you’re considering, take heed, the various dashboards that live behind these marketing systems can be hard to master. Google AdSense signups, for example, quickly run into trouble if your website doesn’t conform to their strictly enforced standards. Google wants things done in a certain way, so you damn well better dance to their tune if you want to place adverts among their search results.

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Our customers say:

F…..ing amazing that you managed to set up my Wordpress Website so quickly. It´s up and running. I can´t believe it. My little baby has been born.

Oliver C. Brown

Rainer, thanks a million for helping me out. You are my hero. I couldn´t have asked for more. Thanks a million

George Davies

Oppsss…how was this possible. Before I was nowhere to be found online and now I am there!!! This is amazing!!!

Maria Andreu Bernat

SEO doesn´t need to be a mystery. Thanks to your guys at 88Clicks I am getting it. Thanks for all your patience!

Harry Fernandez

Google’s AdSense Rules

Sidestep such nasty user traps by using us as your third-party, go-to Pay-Per-Click guides. We’ll check out your website to ensure compliance with Google’s AdSense rules. We’ll take charge of the complicated marketing dashboards and create a lead generation engine that’ll thrum with traffic generating power.

As we inspect your website, we’ll point out possible keywords and profitable marketing partners. Sure, you’ll be paying your ad portal a percentage of your profits, but in return you’ll gain a whole new avenue of traffic, which’ll be targeted and piped directly into your website. This is an exciting opportunity, a way to channel a specific, niche-focused group of visitors directly into your site, but it can’t be done without spending a little cash. To make the most of your budget, hire our web gurus to navigate and quickly solve any and all of your PPC caused issues.

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